Company Profile

Ohrwerk is a healthcare platform for the acquisition and integration of hearing care companies in Germany through a dedicated buy-and-build strategy. With an experienced management team, the company plans to acquire further leading hearing care businesses in the coming years and to merge them under the umbrella brand Ohrwerk.

Market & Drivers

The market environment is characterized by a high degree of fragmentation, with consolidation activities of large chains progressing only slowly. The megatrend of an ageing population and the increasing quality demands of this customer segment make this market particularly attractive.

NORD Holding’s Participation

NORD Holding has acquired a majority holding in the OTON-/Ohrwerk Group. From now on NORD Holding will act as a strategic partner and support Ohrwerk in executing the planned inorganic growth strategy.

We enable our hearing care professionals to focus exclusively on their work: advising customers in the best possible way as well as fitting, adapting and selling hearing aids. With this in mind, we strive to be the most attractive acquirer – and above all – employer for hearing care professionals in Germany.

Wilhelm Evers
Managing Director