Fund Investments


Please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss interesting investment ideas or any questions you might have.

I enjoy the freedom to create and develop new ideas, that is why I work for NORD Holding.

Managing Director and Investment Committee Member

Rainer Effinger

I work for NORD Holding because every day I get to see new business models, meet interesting decision makers and entrepreneurs and can partially support them to realize something great.

Investment Committee Member

Dorian Gensel

I am with NORD Holding because Private Equity is an art not a science.

Investment Committee Member

Kim Schneider

I am firmly convinced of our value adding investment approach, therefore I work for NORD Holding.

Investment Manager

Francisco Rosique Sanz, CFA

I enjoy working for NORD Holding because I get excited to work with Europe’s best performing private equity teams within a team of extremely dedicated and energetic people.

Investment Associate

Kyron Schimmel

Being part of NORD Holding means having the opportunity to spot the most promising private equity managers, while working alongside extremely driven and talented professionals.

Investment Analyst

Tadas Balsys

I work for NORD Holding because I want to be part of a team that constantly seeks the value of an opportunity and is able to support it through a very flexible scope of execution.

Investment Analyst

Vincent de Lard

I am proud to be part of NORD Holding because it values entrepreneurship, collaboration and integrity, combined with a thriving business environment.

Investment Analyst

Federico Riva