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I enjoy the freedom to create and develop new ideas, that is why I work for NORD Holding.

Managing Partner

Rainer Effinger

I work for NORD Holding because every day I get to see new business models, meet interesting decision makers and entrepreneurs and can partially support them to realize something great.


Dorian Gensel

I am with NORD Holding because Private Equity is an art not a science.


Kim Schneider

I am firmly convinced of our value adding investment approach, therefore I work for NORD Holding.

Investment Manager

Francisco Rosique Sanz, CFA

I enjoy working for NORD Holding because I get excited to work with Europe’s best performing private equity teams within a team of extremely dedicated and energetic people.

Investment Manager

Kyron Schimmel

I work for Nordholding because I want to be part of a team that that is constantly evaluating and seeking opportunities, and where I can support the team through a very wide scope of execution.


Vincent de Lard


Alvaro Soufi


Aimery de Kerdrel

I chose NORD Holding because I believe in creating value through new and creative solutions.


Alberto Guerrini

I chose NORD Holding as I believe in our capacity to create value in the European's private market.


Thibault Guillaume