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NORD Holding allows us to build superior businesses with great people – everyday.

Managing Director and Investment Committee Member

Andreas Bösenberg

I enjoy the freedom to create and develop new ideas, that is why I work for NORD Holding.

Managing Director and Investment Committee Member

Rainer Effinger

Nord Holding means challenging and ambitious activity with a motivated and dynamic team.

Chief Financial Officer and Investment Committee Member

Christoph Witt

I work for NORD Holding because every day I get to see new business models, meet interesting decision makers and entrepreneurs and can partially support them to realize something great.

Investment Committee Member

Dorian Gensel

Challenging, creative, down-to-earth, predictable are the adjectives for our daily business and our collective success.

Investment Committee Member

Ronald Grott

NORD Holding is passionate about building better businesses based on partnership, innovation, and collective ambition.

Investment Committee Member

Philipp von Mitzlaff

I am with NORD because Private Equity is an art not a science.

Investment Committee Member

Kim Schneider

NORD Holding because I love working with smart people: smart people provide best-in-class solutions tailored to investors’ needs. That’s exactly what I need in my work with investors!

Head of Client Relations Italy

Federico Cellina

NORD Holding because of the unique market position of NH in the Micro space and lower end of the Private Equity Market, which is very attractive for professional investors.

Head of Client Relations Germany

Robert Kellermann

NORD Holding gives me the opportunity to work in a highly dynamic environment, deal with exciting business models all day long and shape the German Mittelstand with visions and ideas.

Senior Investment Manager

André Seidel

NORD Holding is a strong and dedicated partner to realize the fascinating potential in the German Mittelstand - to the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Investment Manager

Maximilian Frey

NORD Holding means to me being part of a dedicated, dynamic and ambitious team collectively striving for continuous value creation.

Investment Manager

Tim Krume

NORD Holding is one of the most established SME investors in the DACH region and due to its structure, it’s able to respond flexibly and pragmatically to the specific interests of all stakeholders in order to create an excellent win-win situation for all involved parties within a successful transaction.

Investment Manager

Markus Lipp

NORD´s culture, evergreen structure and combination of fund of funds and direct investment activities offer a unique platform for developing great companies.

Investment Manager

Moritz Merkert

I am firmly convinced of our value adding investment approach, therefore I work for NORD Holding.

Senior Investment Associate

Francisco Rosique Sanz, CFA

NORD Holding is a strong platform to support the execution of inspiring visions on a daily basis.

Investment Associate

Christoph Grunewald

I enjoy working for NORD Holding because I get excited to work with Europe’s best performing private equity teams within a team of extremely dedicated and energetic people.

Investment Associate

Kyron Schimmel

To me, working at NORD Holding means shaping businesses together with inspiring managers and gaining a deep insight into what moves the German Mittelstand.

Investment Associate

David Wössner

I work for NORD Holding because I want to be part of a team that constantly seeks the value of an opportunity and is able to support it through a very flexible scope of execution.

Investment Analyst

Vincent de Lard

Being a NORD Holding employee gave me the best opportunity when it comes to thinking entrepreneurially, collaborating with outstanding managers and creating visions for corporates.

Investment Analyst

Marcel Rosengarten


Jessica Deutsch

Working partner-like on successful concepts and challenging our portfolio companies in all financial aspects together with NORD Holding's ambitious team motivates me every day.


Stefan Hienzsch

NORD Holding because it means contributing to and being part of a creative success story.


Michael Meinen

NORD Holding because it means being part of an international team, a multitude of varied challenges and the exchange with interesting investors and managers.


Jan-Hajo Wössner

NORD Holding because being part of the financial accounting team provides variety in a challenging and enriching way.


Sabine Bengsch

NORD Holding because there are new challenges every day and colleagues who help to master them.


Elke Roenspiess

NORD Holding because NORD Holding´s success is defined by a sincere, direct and human cooperation.

Head of Office Management & Human Resources

Christiane Lukas

Office Management

Selin Ataseven

30 years of variety every day.

Office Management

Sonja Böhm

To me NORD Holding means being challenged to be your best, every day!

Office Management

Ruken Mengue

To me, being part of NORD Holding means to work in a dynamic and partner-like team, in which we pursue the same goal: shared growth. We achieve this by relying on each member‘s individual strength.

Office Management

Regina Krüger