Direct Investments


For over 50 years, NORD Holding has invested in well-positioned, mid-sized companies in the German-speaking countries.

Today’s market leaders & the “hidden champions” of tomorrow

At NORD Holding, we truly believe in investing in mid-sized companies that are, or have the potential to be, market leaders with proven and profitable business models. We look towards companies in growing markets with favourable dynamics. The companies we target typically generate between €20 and €500 million in revenues with an EBITDA of between €5 and €15 million. Of course, this is flexible, as what matters to us is the amount of equity: our equity investments range from €25 million up to €50 million per company.

Partnership with entrepreneurs, management teams and corporates

We support management buyouts (MBO / MBI), family succession (generational transition), growth capital (growth funding), corporate divesture (spin-off / carve-out), and secondary (long-term investor) situations, enabling us to work closely with exceptional management teams or founders. At NORD Holding, we provide highly flexible, tailor-made equity solutions to cater the demands of shareholders, management and the company itself for majority acquisitions (> 50%), as well as minority stakes at high-growth companies (of at least 30%).


NORD Holding as a long-term shareholder

We firmly believe that each company requires a tailored equity structure. Our aim is to provide the solid financing that each company needs to pursue its long-term growth strategy. Most of the investments take the form of equity capital, although a degree of external financing is possible if required. The structure of the financing funds should support the growth path, not hamper it.

One of our core beliefs is that a lack of capital should never be allowed to limit the growth and development of a company. For this reason, NORD Holdings offers evergreen funds with no maturity restrictions.


Hands-on support through experience, expertise and experts

At NORD Holding, we actively support our portfolio companies in reaching their full potential. Our aim is to create real value that lasts far beyond the time of our ownership. In line with the NORD Holding philosophy, we provide both expertise and equity to develop innovative products, enter new markets, make strategic acquisitions, or implement operational improvements. Our companies also benefit from our global network of managers, industry experts and operating partners, who can make valuable contributions to growth strategies.


We have a wealth of experience and expertise with business models in: smart industries, business services, software and technology, as well as new consumer and healthcare. Specialisation and sector know how makes us a partner for you.

Since 1969, we have aimed to create real value for our portfolio companies that lasts far beyond the time of our ownership.

Enhancing Strategic Value

An essential part of NORD Holding’s added value is quickly identifying a successful long-term strategy based on historical and emerging performance drivers, and future growth trajectories.

Combining rigorous analysis and deep industry knowledge, we help companies to prioritize and implement the best strategic choices to enhance their performance.

This ranges from nurturing innovation, to capturing new markets, address new customers, acquire and consolidate competitors in a buy & build strategy.


Organizational Development

NORD Holding seeks to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among its companies, aligning the incentives of all stakeholders with the long-term success of the business to promote the necessary culture to catalyse growth.

For NORD Holding, organizational coaching is an essential part of the added value for a company.

We actively leverage our wide network of human resources specialists to assist the organization at every stage.


Financial Support

At NORD Holding, we truly believe that each company requires a tailored equity structure, so we aim to optimize the capital structure, always taking into consideration the company’s growth plans.