NORD Holding


Since NORD Holding’s inception we have been creating value to all our stakeholders with a special focus on our investors. We strongly believe that our investors not only trust in us because of our approach, but because of our core values that go beyond our investment processes.

Our purpose is to invest the trust of our investors with the aim to generate exceptional private equity returns. We aim to achieve this every day by building better businesses, be that through our fund investments Europe wide or through our direct investments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Across our business we aim for long-term and sustainable value creation.

Investing in the best private equity funds

Despite the ever-increasing global capital allocation to the private equity asset class, we believe that capital should always be considered a scarce resource. We are very much aware that the impact of our work reaches as far as local economic prosperity, employment and social benefits – therefore besides our responsibility towards our investors we also take our social responsibility very serious.

Before taking an investment decision, NORD Holding tests in various ways that funds are focused on sustainable value creation that goes beyond the holding period of the fund. We only target those teams where we believe that they can bring their companies to the next level and build better companies which are able to grow further under a new owner. We do not believe in passive ownership structures and therefore we only invest with teams that consider operational improvement to be the main value driver for an investment.


Investing in the market leaders of today & the “hidden champions” of tomorrow

Since 1969, NORD Holding has been investing in mid-sized companies in the German speaking region. Through over 50 years of partnering with exceptional management teams and founders, we built an unparalleled wealth of experience and senior experts. We aim to bring together outstanding people and groundbreaking ideas, shaping the future of the "German Mittelstand". At NORD Holding, we truly believe in creating real and lasting value beyond the time of our ownership. Based on this philosophy, we are not only committed to support our companies and teams, but also to contributing to our communities – today, tomorrow and for at least another 50 years.

At NORD Holding we feel it is important to have a positive impact on the world around us. We are proud to make an impact through our business as well as through our team. Therefore we have fully integrated responsible investing principles in all our investment processes and we personally invest as a team in our local community.

Responsible Investing Principles

NORD Holding is committed to following a responsible and ethical approach across its activities. We believe this is a key point to ensure long-term success in a rapidly changing environment. Companies which are dedicated to carefully follow ESG principles (Environmental, Social and Governance) will find themselves perfectly positioned to face the challenges of tomorrow, such as the anticipated environmental changes, plummeting resources, and increasing changes in regulation. This is why we have integrated ESG considerations as a full step of our investment process. This ensures that the allocation of our capital will be made in a way which favors and promotes businesses which follow such responsible principles.


Community Engagement

The entire NORD Holding team is committed to supporting the local community and therefore we have founded our own non-profit and charitable organisation NORD Holding Stiftung e.V. (The NORD Holding Foundation). The Foundation supports selected aid projects. The promotion and support of the foundation particularly benefits organisations who work for the sick and needy.

The NORD Holding Foundation is able to fund these projects from the team who support the activities of the NORD Holding Foundation each year with a portion of their income.

For more information, please reach out to us as we are excited to tell you more about the projects and initiatives that we were able to support in the past and will continue to support in the future.