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The BestFit Group has 106 studios under its roof: With the takeover of all 11 locations of the premium value chain "Fivestar Fitness", the BestFit Group is thus already meeting the expansion target of 100 gyms set for 2023 ahead of schedule. The BestFit Group thus remains the fastest-growing fitness chain in Germany and has reached another milestone with over 350,000 members.

With 95 studios to date, over 300,000 members and around 1,400 employees, the BestFit Group is one of the largest fitness operators in Germany: With its established brands All Inclusive Fitness and Jumpers Fitness, the BestFit Group is positioning itself in the rapidly growing premium value segment.

The takeover of all 11 Fivestar Fitness locations represents a further step in the BestFit Group's expansion strategy. With the regional distribution of Fivestar Fitness, the BestFit Group is both expanding its core areas, but is also expanding its local presence in new cities. The Fivestar Fitness locations will continue to operate under the All Inclusive Fitness brand.

“Fivestar was one of our absolute focus projects, because with over 50,000 members and high profitability, the group perfectly complements our growth strategy,” says Stephan Schulan, CEO and shareholder of the BestFit Group.

Even at the time of the merger of All Inclusive Fitness and Jumpers Fitness in October 2020, the BestFit Group, founded at the same time, recorded the strongest growth rates within the German fitness market. Through targeted acquisitions of individual locations in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg, the BestFit Group has already grown by 23 clubs since summer 2022, which are also managed under the brands All Inclusive Fitness and Jumpers Fitness.

“We are very happy with the BestFit Group's development since the merger of Jumpers Fitness with All Inclusive Fitness in 2020. The industry went through an intense crisis during the pandemic. However, the trend towards fitness and in particular the premium value segment remains highly attractive. Following the Covid crisis, the BestFit Group was able to achieve very good organic business development and also benefited from significant consolidation potential on the German market. We will continue to use this momentum and further expand our excellent market positioning in the premium value segment,” explains Maximilian Frey, Principal at NORD Holding.

Despite reaching over 100 clubs, BestFit is still striving for further strong growth. “With our investor NORD Holding, we have a strong partner for growth and are currently in intensive talks with numerous individual and chain operators. We will definitely continue our growth and are planning to add more locations to the BestFit Group by the end of 2023,” explains Stephan Schulan.

On the part of NORD Holding, the transaction was implemented by Maximilian Frey and Moritz Stolp.

About BestFit Group

With 106 studios and around 350,000 members, the BestFit Group is one of the most successful and fastest-growing fitness groups on the German market. The BestFit Group emerged in 2020 from the merger of Jumpers Fitness and Ai Fitness and is now one of the largest fitness chains in the growing premium value segment in Germany. The BestFit Group Jumpers Fitness and Ai Fitness brands offer excellent value for money, cutting-edge equipment and a diverse and innovative range of fitness offerings. The focus is always on a premium feel at the best price.