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Please get in touch with a member of our dedicated Direct Investments team to discuss interesting investment ideas or any questions you might have.

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NORD Holding allows us to build superior businesses with great people – everyday.

Managing Partner

Andreas Bösenberg

Challenging, creative, down-to-earth, predictable are the adjectives for our daily business and our collective success.


Ronald Grott

NORD Holding gives me the opportunity to work in a highly dynamic environment, deal with exciting business models all day long and shape the German Mittelstand with visions and ideas.


André Seidel

NORD Holding is passionate about building better businesses based on partnership, innovation, and collective ambition.


Philipp von Mitzlaff

NORD Holding is a sound and reliable partner and gives you the freedom to develop portfolio companies in an innovative and focused manner

Operating Partner

Jan-Philipp Wilckens

NORD Holding is a strong and dedicated partner to realize the fascinating potential in the German Mittelstand - to the benefit of all stakeholders involved.


Maximilian Frey

Developing enterprises sustainably and responsibly, realizing new growth opportunities, and being a reliable and equal partner: That’s what NORD Holding is about for me.

Investment Manager

Dominik Bronstering

NORD Holding is a strong platform to support the execution of inspiring visions on a daily basis.

Investment Manager

Christoph Grunewald

Investment Manager

Nicolaas Hackbarth

Being a NORD Holding employee gave me the best opportunity when it comes to thinking entrepreneurially, collaborating with outstanding managers and creating visions for corporates.

Investment Manager

Marcel Rosengarten

Entrepreneurial work, helping to shape exciting companies and industries, and continuous learning from the market and the team are what make working at NORD Holding so special for me.

Investment Manager

Moritz Stolp

To me, working at NORD Holding means shaping businesses together with inspiring managers and gaining a deep insight into what moves the German Mittelstand.

Investment Manager

David Wössner


Frederik Gödde


Kim Steinbart