Public Cloud Group

Company Profile

The Public Cloud Group is a 100 % public cloud focused platform for cloud transformation as well as "managed public cloud" services. The merger of cloud-native IT service providers Cloudwürdig (Google Cloud Premier Partner), Innovations ON (AWS Advanced Consulting Partner) and DI-ON (cross-platform cloud-native application development) lays the foundation for the groups goal of becoming one of the most relevant public cloud service providers in the German-speaking region within a few years. With its multi-public cloud approach, the Public Cloud Group supports medium-sized and enterprise customers with the migration and operation of their IT infrastructure across all relevant hyperscalers.

Market & Drivers

Medium-sized and enterprise customers are facing the challenge of digitizing their increasingly complex business processes and necessarily modernizing their IT infrastructure. Public cloud technologies have thus since become a core component of digitization strategies. End customers need a strategic partner who accompanies the cloud transformation and assist with the development, implementation and operation of the cloud environments created for them. As public cloud adoption gains momentum, significant market potentials are emerging.

NORD Holdings Participation

NORD Holding has created the platform through the majority acquisition of the three companies as part of a buy-and-build strategy. NORD Holding will act as a strategic partner and support the group in implementing its organic and inorganic growth strategy to become a leading provider of cloud transformation and managed multi-public cloud services.

We are pleased to have found a strategic partner in NORD Holding who will accompany ans support us in the consistent realization of our vision of a multi-public cloud provider.

Oliver Schallhorn
CEO and Shareholder