PDV is a leading player in the field of document and enterprise content management systems.

Company Profile

Since its foundation in 1990 PDV is a leading player in the fields of enterprise-content-management-systems (ECM) for public sector clients. The company is headquartered in Erfurt, Germany. PDV has a lean and modular software architecture which can easily be customised according to the clients´ needs. Services include implementation, training, customisation and licensing of the PDV software.

Market & Drivers

PDV is focused on digitizing processes in the public sector. The market experiences strong growth since the public sector is forced to digitise their processes. This demand is driven by an ageing public sector workforce as well as regulatory drivers which include the e-government and e-justice laws.

NORD Holding’s Participation

NORD Holding acquired the majority of PDV in the course of a primary transaction and supported the company in organisational and strategy development, entering new market segments, recruiting and a professionalisation of the sales organisation.

NORD holding has been supporting PDV in the succession of the business from 1st founder. It is fair to say that NORD Holding is a true partner that understands the needs of SMEs.

Dirk Nerling
Managing Partner