Specialist pharmaceutical and medical product trader

Company Profile

NEC MED PHARMA is a specialist pharmaceutical and medical product trader in Germany based in Höchstadt an der Aisch. The company possesses a wide range of suppliers across all trade levels and distributes for a large number of established manufacturers. The focus of the business of the GDP-certified company is the development and implementation of product and marketing concepts for the pharmaceutical market. Here, NEC MED PHARMA works closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies, for which they also offer the logistic processes of their concepts as a service.

Market & Drivers

Main driver of the growing pharma market is the demographic change. The specifics of the german healthcare sector lead to partitial inefficiencies and impede the market entrance of smaller or foreign producers.

NORD Holding’s Participation

NORD Holding acquired the majority of NEC MED PHARMA in the course of a succession planning and supports the management team with the expansion of sales channels as well as further internationalization.

In line with the wish of my fellow shareholders to dispose of their shares, I have identified in NORD Holding an experienced partner, who promises to provide the best support for continuation of our growth.

Sven Rübner
Managing Director