Company profile

LivEye started in 2012 and spun off in Föhren in 2019. LivEye Group provides technologically advanced mobile security solutions to more than 200 customers in the construction, energy, public, industrial and real estate sectors. The range of services includes analysis, documentation as well as intervention in case of threat situations. The company has its own 24/7 alarm center where incoming reports from LivEye surveillance towers are processed.

Market & Drivers

Due to its young history, the market for mobile video surveillance solutions is still characterized by a low penetration rate. In Germany, only about one fifth of the addressable market has been developed. This results in correspondingly attractive growth rates. Market saturation tendencies are not expected for another 10-15 years.

NORD Holdings Participation

In 2022, NORD Holding Small Cap acquired a 70% stake in the LivEye Group in order to continue the dynamic growth path of the company together with the management team. The focus during the investment period will be on the expansion of the inventory of video towers, the development of digital use cases and the institutionalization of the corporate structures.

We look forward to working with NORD Holding, which shares our entrepreneurial philosophy and vision for the LivEye Group.

Marc Thurn