KiKxxl GmbH

KiKxxl is one of the largest owner-operated communication service providers in Germany.

Company Profile

The company offers customer communications and contact processes through a variety of communication channels for a variety of occasions. The services offered range from sales and technical support to customer service.

Market & Drivers

KiKxxl encounters the rapidly changing modes of communication away from the telephone to new forms with professionalism and the will to innovate. KiKxxl allows its customers a more flexible form of communication as well as an expansion of accessibility.

NORD Holding’s Participation

NORD Holding participated in KiKxxl as a growth partner in 2009. With NORD Holding as a shareholder in addition to the already existing locations in Osnabrück (headquarters) and Bremen, two new locations in Dortmund and Bochum were opened, so that the number of employees increased from 617 in 2009 to more than 2,000. After six very successful years and growth rates of around 30% per year the company was re-sold to the founder Andreas Kremer in 2015.

We are pleased that together with the management team we can look back on six extraordinarily successful years together.

Matthias Kues
Former Director NORD Holding