Engelmann Sensor GmbH

Engelmann Sensor is a specialist for the manufacturing of heat meters, heat cost allocators and gateways

Company Profile

Engelmann Sensor is a specialized manufacturerer of heat meters, heat cost allocators, gateways, radio modules, read out devices and equipment for the capturing of consumption data for the heat cost billing in submetering. The company suppliers meter reading service companies, utilities and wholesalers. Engelmann Sensor is highly compatible and offers a broad spectrum of transmission protocols, radio technology, encryption methods and individualisations.

Market and Drivers

Engelmann's core market of heat metering experiences stable growth and recurring demand thanks to global energy efficiency trends, a regulated environment and life cycles of submetering devices.

NORD Holding’s Participation

NORD Holding acquired the majority of Engelmann together with Capiton in the course of a succession planning. Since then the company not only extended its product portfolio but also increased its presence in new customer groups (utility provider, housing industry, etc.) and entered new geographical markets.

Engelmann stands for innovation, progress and smart metering technology – for over 40 years. Together with NORD Holding we professionalize strategy, sales and production to exploit opportunities in the European and Chinese markets"

Michael Keuthen