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Change in the management at NORD Holding


Change in the management at NORD Holding - Matthias Kues to leave the company management after 25 years – Andreas Bösenberg new Managing Director

NORD Holding Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft is set for a change of management in the middle of this year. Management spokesman Matthias Kues will be leaving the company at his own request on 30.06.2018. He looks back on 30 years of service with the company, including 25 years in a managerial capacity.

From 2011 to 2014, Matthias Kues also chaired the board of directors of the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (, which comprises 200 investment companies and some 100 associated members.

“We thank Matthias Kues for his impressive achievements in developing the company. NORD Holding owes a great deal to him. Under his management, NORD Holding has evolved from a small-scale provider of dormant equity holdings into a company operating throughout Europe with a managed fund volume of approx. € 1.5 bn. While we regret Mr. Kues’s departure, we nevertheless respect his wish to move on and bring his influence to bear in other capacities,” comments Dr. Heinrich Jagau, chairman of the supervisory board.

Matthias Kues is anticipating his departure with “two smiling eyes”. “I look back on a highly dynamic era in which the investment sector evolved from its modest beginnings to become an integral part of the finance sector. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to help shape this process with a great team and dependable shareholders and investors. While many market players have come and gone, NORD Holding remains on a stable footing and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. I find this very gratifying. In future my life will have a somewhat broader outlook, and that is a prospect that I relish,” says Kues.

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Andreas Bösenberg took up his post as the new Managing Director of NORD Holding on 01.05.2018. He has extensive experience in the private equity sector both in Germany and abroad, and will head direct business at NORD Holding in future. The fund-of-funds segment is headed by Rainer Effinger, who has been a member of the management since 2011.

About NORD Holding:

With a 49-year history to its name, NORD Holding is a leading equity investor for upper-tier SMEs. Its activities focus on the structuring and financing of company succession models, acquiring parts of groups/subsidiaries and financing the expansion of mid-sized companies.

NORD Holding’s investors comprise several north German savings banks, insurance companies and professional pension funds. In contrast to most other financial investors, who restrict themselves to managing time-limited funds, NORD Holding operates as a so-called “evergreen fund” without any time restrictions and finances investments from its own balance sheet.

This gives the companies in which we participate the means to develop without any deadline pressure from outside and to exploit their growth potential.

The company currently holds interests in more than 25 companies in Germany and the other German-speaking countries.

Through its fund-of-funds segment, NORD Holding has also invested € 1.5 bn in other European investment companies and is thus able to offer its partner companies an international network.

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