RUF Betten GmbH

RUF is a leading manufacturer of premium beds.

Company Profile

RUF Betten is a manufacturer of high quality upholstered and box spring beds, mattresses and spring wood frames. The company is present for more than 90 years and headquartered in Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg, where it produces more than 30,000 beds per annum. With a broad range of box spring and upholstered beds, RUF Betten is a leader in its market segment and serves retailers and end customers with international design, product originality and the highest level of comfort.

Market & Drivers

Bed-market addressing grownups: growth through ageing population and trend towards health consciousness

NORD Holding’s Participation

NORD Holding supports the management team as majority shareholder in the course of a carve-out with digitalisation, expansion of sales channels as well as further internationalisation.

With NORD Holding, RUF Betten has gained a new associate which perfectly matches our business character, both structurally and in terms of its philosophy. We welcome the positive collaborative development of our brand, and look forward to continued value-driven growth. NORD Holding is characterised by mid-market thinking, combined with a strategic and pragmatic approach to our industry. This expertise can only serve to positively influence RUF Betten.

Heiner Goossens