PPS. Imaging GmbH

PPS. Imaging is the german market leader for large-format digital printing.

Company Profile

PPS. Imaging is a full-service-provider specializing in large format digital printing and as such is working with the customer along the entire printing process from design to installation. Through this broad product and service portfolio, PPS. Imaging covers point-of-sale, trade fairs, out-of-home marketing, packaging solutions as well as industrial applications. The company also addresses B2C customers through its two proprietary online shops and

Market & Drivers

The niche printing market adressed by PPS is characterized by a high degree of fragmentation, dynamic growth rates and significant potential for innovation. Key market drivers are the technological substitution towards digital printing, individualisation in marketing (batch size 1) and market consolidation.

NORD Holding’s Participation

NORD Holding acquired the majority of PPS. Imaging in the course of a company succession and supports the continued growth trajectory with a focus on further digitization and the realization of buy & build potential.

As a financially strong investor, NORD Holding provides the support we need to grow the PPS. Group sustainably through further acquisitions and targeted operational investments. NORD Holding also contributes relevant sector expertise due to its former role as a majority shareholder in the companies A. Berger GmbH and Heytex GmbH.

Michael Krieger
Managing Director