IDAK Holding AG

IDAK Holding AG is a successful, market-oriented investment company, with ownership in independent and established companies in the food production sector

Company Profile

The portfolio companies are all positioned in the premium segment with their products and services and have a focus on frozen food. The idak Group includes Kadi AG (high-quality potato products and frozen specialties from Switzerland), Margherita SRL (premium pizza manufactory from northern Italy) and Tyym AG (French fries-to-go concept from Switzerland).

Market & Drivers

The national and international market for premium frozen products is showing very stable long-term development. Demand for high-quality chilled and frozen potato products and innovative snacks remains very constant, even in challenging times. With bold innovations, highest quality, a lot of passion and heart and soul, KADI is committed to the sustainable development of Swiss gastronomy, culinary art and the enjoyment of the future.

NORD Holding’s Participation

NORD Holding, the management team and co-investors have formed idak Group after acquiring Kadi AG in 2019 and Margherita SRL in 2020 through a tertiary buyout. NORD Holding together with its partners thus not only secured the permanent independence of KADI and Margherita, but also acts as an entrepreneurial partner in the development of product innovation by investing in state-of-the-art production facilities or making strategic acquisitions. At NORD Holding, we share the management team's passion for culinary delights.