Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG

Company Profile

Founded in 1991, Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG is a leading and independent group of companies for applications in the field of environmental, process and analysis technology. Headquartered in Markranstädt near Leipzig, with service and sales subsidiaries in Germany and a subsidiary in China, the company has more than 180 employees. In addition to environmental, support and maintenance services, the product portfolio includes fine dust sensors, filter monitors, dust measuring concentration devices, gas analyzers and volume flow meters. Customers are European and non-European companies, including firms from the energy, chemical, construction as well as waste and disposal industries, which are supported globally in meeting emission limits and monitoring various processes.

Market & Drivers

The medium-sized company operates in a market environment that has been growing steadily for years, driven by global megatrends and stricter environmental regulations. It supports its more than 600 international customers in operating sustainably and in a future-oriented manner. The market for emission and immission measurement technology for the regulation and maintenance of emission values and air quality is characterized by a certain degree of fragmentation and can generally be divided into three groups: international conglomerates, multiregional specialists and local specialists. On the customer side, the market is driven by the following factors, among others: (a) increasing environmental regulations (b) the need for a sustainable industry including decentralized energy supply (c) high availability of equipment and services.

NORD Holding's Participation

Together with NORD Holding and WMS the aim is to expand the market position and to continue the successful growth course of recent years. The focus of development is on the areas of sales expansion, supplementing the product portfolio and acquisitions.

After 29 years of successful and dynamic development of the company and the Födisch Group, we have actively sought to reorganize the shareholder structure. This will enable us to meet the challenges of future growth and create the basis for a further consistent orientation of the Group towards the areas of environmental and automation technology. With NORD Holding we have found the right partner for implementing our strategies, goals and visions. We are looking forward to the joint challenges and cooperation.

Dr. Holger Födisch
Founder and Chairman